Satiating Prayer - 5 Week Class


2/6 - 3/6/18




Satiating Prayer

5 Week Class

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Satiating Prayer explores what it means to pray effectively…aligning with the experience of the benevolently answered prayer. This is more than a class, it’s a Divine encounter that serves to expand your spiritual practice with the familiarity of Grace. Shifting your energy to receive the answer to your prayer.

Affirmative prayer is a cornerstone discipline for our Soul Center community, and is different than many traditional prayers. Rather than hoping to persuade the Divine to change His thinking about us, we believe the purpose of prayer is to align our own understanding about the eternal nature of God, and our True Self.

This class will be held at:

Aum & Garden

13363 Ventura Blvd.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Regular Reg

on 2/3/18 $175.00

In this class we will:

  1. Have weekly meditation

  2. Review and practice the six steps of Affirmative Prayer

  3. Identifying and clearing blocks to your miracles

  4. Truth teachings and mystical exploration

  5. Praying for yourself and others

Required book for this class: How to Pray Effectively by Ernest Holmes

*Available at Aum & Garden with a class discount